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Known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, the gorgeous island of St Martin / St Maarten offers incredible opportunities for you in its thriving real estate market.

Culinary Capital of the Caribbean

The island of St. Martin / St Maarten’s history and unique location make it an excellent choice for investing in luxurious real estate. This island spans 34 miles and is split into two distinct territories. The Dutch side and the French side. The north side of St Martin / St Maarten – is an overseas collectivity of France, while the southern half falls under Dutch governance. The French call it St Martin and the Dutch side call it Sint Maarten / St Maarten.

Christopher Columbus spotted St Martin / St Maarten in 1493 during his voyage to the Americas. In 1648 the Treaty of Concordia split the island between the French and Dutch authorities. This exceptional arrangement of sovereignty has contributed to its economic stability, cultural landscape, and legal systems.

The real estate market in St. Martin / St Maarten has become increasingly popular among smart investors looking for luxury properties due to its beaches, vibrant nightlife, as well as its unrivaled tax benefits. Buying real estate in St Martin / St Maarten has fantastic tax advantages. While the French side does impose a Capital Gains Tax, neither the French nor Dutch side of Sint Maarten imposes income taxes or inheritance taxes. This makes both sides attractive areas to invest in for individuals seeking both paradise and financial advantages.

Buy Property in Philipsburg

Located in the Dutch side, Philipsburg, the cosmopolitan and diverse capital city of St. Martin / St Maarten is a lively hub filled with shops offering duty-free goods, high-end boutiques, and top-notch dining establishments. Attractions like Fort Amsterdam and Great Bay Beach make it an essential stop for anyone exploring the island.

St Martin / St Maarten’s unique dual sovereignty has resulted in a captivating blend of Dutch and French cultures. Northside visitors have numerous gourmet dining experiences at Grand Case, while Philipsburg on the south side offers bustling markets and vibrant nightlife.

Known as the St. Tropez of the Caribbean, Orient Beach on the northeast of St Martin / St Maarten is world-renowned as prime real estate with some beautiful condos for sale. Two great reasons: its amazing beaches and crystal clear waters. It also happens to be one of the best places for sunbathing or watersports. To the southwest of St Martin / St Maarten, Maho Beach provides an exhilarating experience for plane enthusiasts and thrill-seeking tourists alike. Aircraft fly overhead during their landings at Princess Juliana International Airport, giving those below an unforgettable experience.

St. Martin / St Maarten has stunning natural wonders that include Loterie Farm, a nature reserve with hiking trails and exciting zip lines. Also, Pinel Island is a tranquil haven perfect for snorkeling and unwinding on beautiful beaches. For breathtaking views of St Martin / St Maarten’s landscapes, be sure to visit Fort Louis overlooking Marigot on the French side.

Beachfront Land in the St. Tropez of the Caribbean

The St Martin / St Maarten carnival celebrations feature vibrant parades, and visitors can also indulge in the Marigot Marke showcasing local crafts and flavors. Underwater enthusiasts will love snorkeling and scuba diving sites, like Creole Rock and Tintamarre Islands Marine Park.

Quartier d’Orleans, a seaside village on the eastern coast of St Martin / St Maarten, offers a fascinating glimpse into its colonial past. For a unique experience, you can explore the Simpson Bay Lagoon through boat tours and enjoy some amazing waterfront restaurants. Simpson Bay boasts soft white sand beaches and beautiful yachts, making it a must-see.

Aside from the tax benefits, buying real estate in St. Martin / St Maarten is a wise choice for investors. The island’s thriving tourism industry and high demand for vacation rentals ensure a strong rental real estate market with a high potential for ROI.

Cost of Real Estate in Terres Basses

In the area of Terres Basses, beachfront villas can range from $2 million to $15 million, boasting luxurious amenities and large plots of land. Cupecoy has stunning apartments and villas, usually starting at $300,000, but they can go up to $2 million or more for penthouse units. For more traditional property in St Martin / St Maarten, the charming fishing village of Quartier d’Orleans has some lovely cottages starting at around $400,000. Meanwhile, buying property in St Martin / St Maarten’s coastal community of Orient Bay can vary from $1 million to $5 million.

Buy Property in St Martin

The buying process is pretty straightforward, regardless of which side you choose. There are zero restrictions on foreign buyers acquiring property in St Martin / St Maarten. The buying process begins by selecting your desired location from a variety of options on the island. Each territory has its unique legal considerations, so be aware and engage with attorneys and notaries who specialize in real estate. They can provide guidance through the intricacies of local real estate laws while protecting your interests.

When buying real estate in St. Martin / St Maarten it is essential to conduct due diligence when you are a foreign buyer. This includes verifying the property’s ownership status (Clear Title Transfer) and checking for any associated debts or liens. Once you’ve reached a point of satisfaction you’ll enter into a purchase agreement that outlines all terms and conditions. You must of course pay a deposit which typically is around 10%.

On the French side, a Civil Law Notary drafts a notarial deed (acte authentique) that brings finality to the transaction. On the Dutch side, an attorney will handle all aspects related to transferring ownership. Witnesses, buyer, and seller will meet to sign the deeds in the presence of the appointed notary. Ownership passes from seller to buyer when the money transfers. The entire process concludes with registering this property transfer with government authorities.

When buying property in St Martin / St Maarten on the French side, transfer fees amount to approximately 10%. This includes your notary fees. You will have to pay Capital Gains tax – 33.5%, as well as land and property tax. On the Dutch side of St Martin / St Maarten, one can expect to pay transfer fees of 6%, which includes transfer and notary fees. There is no Capital Gains Tax.

Exciting Real Estate Developments in Terres Basses

One noteworthy project is “Le Château des Palmiers” located on the southwest side of St Martin / St Maarten. On 5 acres of land, it features a villa with 9 bedrooms and a guest villa with 4 bedrooms. The beautifully landscaped gardens are just steps away from the enchanting Baie Longue waters.

Situated atop a hill on the East side, you’ll find the “Residences at Oyster Bay which embodies eco-luxury. This upscale sustainable real estate development offers stunning ocean-view apartments and condos for sale, infinity pools, and access to Dawn Beach.

If you seek a unique wellness retreat experience, look no further than “Belmond La Samanna” on Baie Longue Beach. Truly a sanctuary of tranquility, this classy destination offers a spa, yoga pavilion, and fantastic dining options. A perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Golf lovers should check out “Mullet Bay Golf Course” on the West side. This impressive 18-hole course sits next to Mullet Bay Beach and offers a beautiful game with breathtaking Caribbean views.

With its prime position and well-established tourism industry, buying property in St Martin presents strong real estate investment opportunities for you.

Are you considering investing and exploring the real estate market in St. Martin? French side or Dutch side? We will start with a blank canvas and guide you from beginning to end. Get in touch with us now and let’s build your dream of a Caribbean property in St Martin today!

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